Maryland needs a woman, and I’m THAT woman!

Dear Fellow Marylanders,

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m running for the US Congress. I feel that Maryland needs a woman to help guide us into the future. I think that I’m that woman.

The NRA is an organization not part of our government, nor are they lawmakers, yet we treat them as if they are. We’re the ones that give them their power. We must STOP giving them that power. The only people that need and should have assault weapons, high power bullets and large magazines are soldiers who are sent to a combat zone. There is no need for an age restriction for assault weapons because anyone should not own assault weapons. You can’t drink until you are twenty-one, that should also apply guns. No matter where anyone buys a gun everyone needs a background check, with a waiting period to be sure that a complete check can be done, gun shows included.

Pruitt and Zinke are rolling back or taking away too many regulations. We need people that know that climate change is real and want to save our planet. We need to stop relying on fossil fuel. It’s silly for Trump to continue to promote coal, we need renewable fuels. We should retrain those who work in the coal mining industry and have them trained to work in solar energy. This would help in making the US become the place the world goes to for solar power, not China.

I totally understand what it’s like to have to get your own health care and how expensive it is. I paid $900.00 a month and my policy with five deductibles. No one should go without health insurance, and a single-payer system would be the best. Medicare must also be protected. All you have to do is read Paul Ryan’s book to find out what his plans are. Yes I know he’s leaving, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t want to continue with his plans. Then there is the medication issue. We should pay the same price as those that live outside of the United States Birth control needs to be free for women. We need to promote birth control for young girls. The more women taking birth control, the fewer abortions will be needed. It should not be difficult to exercise the right to choose, after all, it is the law of the land. Safe sex needs to be encouraged much more than it is, and men need to step up and take responsibility for this. Planned Parenthood needs to be funded entirely. We can not allow the VA to go private, it must continue to be run by the government. I’m afraid that if it does go private then the care will end up being the same way medical insurance is, and our vets won’t get the care they need and deserve.